You have just purchased a pair of Nicole Paries ' espadrille and we thank you for your choice.

Through rigorous selection of the finest leathers and the most noble materials, we aim to ensure that these espadrilles meet with the highest criteria for elegance, comfort and quality for wich Nicole Paries is renown.

To enjoy the beauty of your espadrilles, for many seasons to come, we recommend that you observe the following intructions :

General Instructions

  • In order to allow the jute fibres to air and rest, we advise you not to wear your espadrilles for more than two consecutive days.

  • It is preferable to store your espadrilles in a dry place, far from any direct heat source.

  • We advise you to avoid contact with water and any product containing alcohol (perfume, solvents,...), grease (make-up products,...) or abrasive products in general.

Care instructions

Nicole Paries ' espadrilles are made with 100% natural materials, so special washing is required.
You are advised to hand-wash uppers carefully, without soaking the shoes into the water because the natural sole fiber may damage the canvas or leather uppers or make the colours run.


These natural and living materials need to be regularly cared for. In general they should not to be exposed for long periods of time to direct sunlight or humidity.

Smooth or grained leathers should be cleaned with a soft and dampened cloth. Once the leather is dry you can polish it in circular strokes using a high quality colourless cream and a soft cloth.

Patent leathers should be cleaned with a soft dampened light coloured cloth, and then dried with a clean cloth.

Metallic leathers should be cleaned with the help of a soft and dry cloth.

Goat suede, calf suede and Nubuck leathers

To preserve the velvety texture of these leathers, gently rub your espadrilles with a soft brush. If your suede shoes have been in contact with water, it is important to let them dry before cleaning them.
In the case of superficial stains, we advise the use of a rubber brush.

Pony styled calf leather
To clean pony styled leathers, use a soft and lightly dampened cloth and always respect the direction of the hair. Avoid repeated rubbing with abrasive objects (trouser hems, brushes...) wich may alter the smooth appearance of the calf hair.


The textile used at Nicole Paries' espadrilles have a water repellent finish that limits the risk of stains. However, the lighter coloured textiles still remain suceptible to staining.

Cotton canvas, stone washed and linen can been cleaned with the help of a brush or a lightly dampened cloth.

Satin and raw silk material can be cleaned with the help of a very lightly dampened cloth using gentle circular movements. Because this is delicate material, please avoid rubbing it too hard so as not to remove the anti-stain treatment.
Further care should be taken to avoid scratching the fabric uppers against abrasive surfaces.